Winter is Coming – so here’s a contest!

After weeks of prepping, preparing, and fretting … I’m launching all my social media pages – that is to say, I’m telling people they exist! Naturally, what better way to say – HEY WORLD, I’M ANOTHER KNITTER! then to have a contest and give away a glorious prize!
(See below for how to enter via this blog entry)


This could be your hat (shown pre-knit, of course). The winner will be contacted via email to decide on the exact look/patterning of their hat and then I will make it post haste and mail it off to you, just in time for the cold weather (or save it for a cold day, if you live somewhere that’s still warm right now). What do you have to do? Simple! On this blog post, post a comment and tell me what your favourite cold weather garment is. Want more entries? Follow the links to like me on Facebook and follow me on instagram! The contest is open for one week, we’ll announce the winner on October 21st! Good luck!

Click this link for other ways to enter the contest!

3 thoughts on “Winter is Coming – so here’s a contest!

  1. Who doesn’t love a contest, especially when it’s paired with an opportunity to comment about your fave knitwear!? I’m all in! I’ve been backpacking through SE Asia for 11 months now and obviously loving the beachy-good times, but do find myself missing the opportunity to layer on wool. My absolute favourite knitwear for fall is leg warmers! They are the perfect season transitioner, add a bit of colour and always harken back to the good old 80’s-when I was truly footloose and fancy free!


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