WIPs – Working in Panic

There are not enough knitting hours in the day.

Last week I decided I deserved a “break” from knitting to start a cross stitch. Cross stitching is a new-to-me craft, but I was geeked about the pattern. It’s a phrase close to my heart, almost a mantra of such, and something that I need to remind myself of more often. It took four days (between work and other errands and activities), but I finished!

Still needs to be ironed, but you get the idea – it’s epic!

I thought I had time to stop knitting, that I had space to do it. Yes, I was ignoring the growing pile of works in progress (WIPs), but since most were personal it was okay …

Except it wasn’t. It all happened at once.
– I finally heard from the friend who I promised a hat to, and since I promised it awhile ago I really should get on that
– The contest ended and winner was selected for the hat! He picked his pattern and oh … I guess that means I have to start it
– A friend asked if I’d be willing to make dog blankets for her adorable dog and the new puppy they were getting. Of course I will.
– Oh yeah, I signed up for a quick envelope swap and maybe I should make her something small and quick to fit with the theme (autumn)
– The pile of WIPs beside my desk is massive

I finished the two hats and the swap gift (a dishcloth) in record time this week. It involved knitting the contest hat while I was bowling, and finishing the dishcloth while I met people for a beer – but I got those done. But does it ever end? The hat is going to my husband, who I also started socks for … the last time I worked on them was Thanksgiving and they’ve been sitting around since. I really need to start those dog blankets, but I should also finish the socks I started for my friend … a few months ago, I think? Ravelry tells me I have 16 projects in varies states of on needles and in progress. Most of them are for me – a scarf I’ve had the yarn for for 7 years, a cowl with new-to-me techniques I would love to wear this winter, a sexy red cardigan, a blanket I started years ago, a huge shawl of love for a friend, a green shirt for my BROOM in the Harry Potter Knit & Crochet House Cup on ravelry … and it goes on and on and on.

I know the way to tackle this is one stitch at a time, one project at a time … but if I could have them all finished right now, that would be fantastic. Knitting Gods, get on this please?


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