I’m a nerd. If you’ve been following and reading for some time, you’ll know I’m an uber nerd. I love pokemon, I play D&D, I knit, I am absolutely obsessed with multiple fandoms, I think penguins should rule the world … you got it, I love being nerdy.  And if you’ve been reading and following along, you’ll know that the thing I love most in the world, the nerdom I adore the most is the Harry Potter world, and all that comes with it.

I was very lucky that I got to grow up with Harry Potter. The first book came out just before I was a teenager and I got to experience the thrill and joy of reading them as they came out. I love falling into the Harry Potter universe, and I make it a priority to re-read the series every year. But there was always a sense of sadness that I couldn’t experience it myself – I couldn’t take classes, I couldn’t do magic, I couldn’t be in the Harry Potter world.

That changed some time ago when I became a knitter, when I found Ravelry, and – most importantly – I found the Harry Potter Knitting and Crocheting House Cup.
Through the house cup the calendar year is split into three terms – Winter, Spring, and Fall. Each term lasts three months, with one break month to prepare for the next. You get “sorted” into a house, though in this world you can change houses if you’d like, and you knit/crochet/dye/spin/etc to earn points for you house, and (as I’m sure you know) the house with the most points at the end of the term wins the House Cup. I am certain you are not surprised at all when I tell you that my first term I asked to be sorted into Gryffindor – I’ve only ever played this in Gryffindor, I am a Gryffindor … that’s all there is to it. Classes are submitted with an item you made (must be done during the month), but there are extras you can do – bigger projects can go into an advanced studies classes: N.E.W.Ts (if you’ve earned enough OWLS), O.W.Ls, and B.R.O.O.Ms.

I’m terrible at the OWLs. I dislike swatching and all the meticulous planning that is required … but BROOMs are much simpler – just describe the project as plainly as possible and if it fits the parameters of the prompt, you’re in! BROOM stands for Basic Request for an Official Order Mission, and is also known as being part of the Order of the Phoenix (a very important movement in series). So it’s everything I love about projects – freedom to do as I please, no swatches, fighting the good fight – I’m there!

Today I wound the yarn for my BROOM, which I’ve proposed to knit 3 pairs of socks in 8 weeks. It works out to about a sock a week, with wiggle room as life happens. Preparing for BROOMs is a love/hate, as I love getting ready to go, I hate that I can’t cast on just yet (the mission start date is tomorrow!), and I really don’t like winding skeins. I’m terrible at it. The cake is messy, the yarn tangles on my swift … it almost never goes right and I usually have to cake a yarn two or three times before it’s knitable.

But it’s done! The cakes are ready, the patterns still unknown, but I’m excited!BROOM winter 2017.jpg

Two of my pairs of socks will have different coloured toes/heels/possibly cuffs. One will be a simple vanilla pair (because it’s watermelon yarn and I want the yarn to shine on it’s own). I’m getting a cabling vibe from the ocean yarn … who knows! All I know is that, should everything go according to plan, I’ll have three new pairs of socks by March!

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