Whip me to Work on WIPs


I decided that today was the day to take stock of all my WIPs. Sure, Ravelry has them all listed (as I love putting my projects and notes there), but there is something about laying them all out to see.

That’s a lot.

The oldest one is in the top-left corner. It’s a blanket using a pattern Manna wrote years ago. I frogged my first attempt and re-started it. Ravelry says this version has been in progress since October 2011. The newest project is the watermelon stripey socks, which I started last week and will probably finish before anything else here. There are two birthday presents here (both woefully past the recipient’s last birthday). There are three projects here meant for Colleen (or someone close to her). There are three shawl/stoles, one scarf, three cowls, three socks, three wearable upper-body garments, one mitten, one towel, one blanket, and one doorstopper.

This does not take into account projects I have planned to start sometimes soon – dishcloths, scarves, socks, blankets, etc. I’m starting to miss those times when I wasn’t working and had all day to knit. Knitting time has taken a backburner to other things (being social to help me heal, not forcing myself to knit when I don’t want to, working, etc).

The planner in me wants to make a plan to finish most of these. There are socks here I might frog and restart later (since I imagine my sock knitting skills have improved and thus would make mismatched socks if I continue as is). I might need to bring some of this knitting with me to bowling (as I’ve already been bringing it to D&D). I imagine that once I clear some of these I can focus on the bigger ones here that I wish were done. I also know that once I get rid of the couch-bed that I can move to sitting on a couch and knit while watching tv without letting the intranet distract me as usual.

Still, this isn’t as many as I feared. And it’s good to take stock of it all every once in awhile to know what is happening. Maybe I’ll check back in a few months to see how much progress (if any) I’ve made. If those birthday presents are still here in a couple of months, I might actually need someone to stand by and whip me as necessary to get them done.

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