Adventure at the ACC

I think it’s very important to do things that make you happy.
I think it’s a good thing to sometimes go out of your way to do the happy thing.
I believe that if the thing that will make you happy harms no one (at least, not in a detrimental way), then you can do the thing.

Such has been my trip home this weekend. As I previously mentioned my original plans for this weekend were abruptly cancelled a few weeks ago, and I was in a bit of a scramble to re-figure things out. My sister had gotten me a pair of tickets to a hockey game, and while I knew I was going to the Centennial Game … I still had not been in the Air Canada Centre, the home of my beloved Maple Leafs, to watch a game. So a bit of a scramble was had, and holding my breath about time off to make it work … but it all came together – time off for a 4-day weekend, train rides there and back, and asking someone near and dear to me to go to the game – my brother.

This was his first time going to an NHL game at all (though, his team is usually the Red Wings, and we saw Toronto vs Buffalo). He graciously cheered for my team and groaned on cue with the rest of us during the game. He spent way too much money on the overpriced food there, but said it was part of the experience. He also took a precious day off of work to go with me, and we had a most fantastic time (as much as you can when your team loses).

What this experienced showed me is that making your happiness a priority sometimes is important. It was important that I go to this game. It was important that I share this experience with someone I cared about, and who cared about me. While I could have asked my Mom to come with me (herself a Leaf fan) I know neither her, nor my Dad, are fans of being in downtown Toronto … so it made sense not to ask. It is important to do the things that makes you unapologetically happy, and try not to worry about how it looks (as always, easier said than done with an anxiety disorder).

But I’ve crossed another line off my bucket list. I’ve made it a goal to now come home and see a game at the ACC every season becauseĀ wow what an experience! I’m hitting a bit of a reset on myself after a few weeks of massive apathy towards a lot of things in life, and I think if I continue with a bit more selfish knitting, I could get back to enjoying life sooner than I think.

10/10, would recommend.

My brother and I, before the game started. Thanks for the best time, mate!

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