The Birthday Show

Do you know what today is?



Growing up I was pretty modest about it being my birthday. I didn’t tell a lot of people necessarily, I didn’t make a big show about it with a “birthday girl” pin or something obvious. Social media makes it possible that people I’m connected with know and send good wishes, but honestly it felt almost wrong to speak up about it. Yeah … I’m quite over that. I kinda want to shout it from the rooftops and be joyous because I’m happy it’s my birthday. I’m happy I’m aging and living life and let’s not lie, the attention is nice. Still, I’m adult who has to do adult things – I went to work today, I commuted to and from work keeping myself to myself, and aside from writing this post (my first in almost 6 months, I know) I’m not drawing a ton of attention to myself.

Before I wrote this post I went back and read last year’s post Birthday Eve, just because I wanted to see what I had envisioned for this year and how well I did.
Honestly? I nailed it. I did move, and I love our new home. I did get back into knitting, and made some really neat things this year. My knitting desire did take a dive in the last month, as it’s wont to do, so I have a few projects I need to finish sooner rather than later (namely, a blanket for a girl just born and a blanket for a boy coming soon), but I’m feeling good about knitting and enjoying myself. And while I didn’t travel as much as I intended, I still got around – I went to Michigan a few times, I traveled to Ottawa for a bowling tournament, and BF and I went to visit my family for Thanksgiving in October.

Honestly? 33 was a great year … probably one of my best in a long time. There are very few negative things I can say about the year as a whole and I’m so grateful that this is happening for me. I’m finding joy in little things again and definitely coming back to the woman I was before the break-ups, and falling in love with myself and life once more.

As for 34 … this is going to be big. I have something huge planned for next year, and while I’m still formulating some details, I hope to share within a month or so. Because it’s epic, and I really hope it works out the way I’m planning. This year is going to be about adapting, to move with the wind, to see where life takes me. It’s hard to let go of that control, especially as a Type A, but I’m feeling good about it. I’m feeling ready. I’m feeling that it’s finally time to start living my life, for me, and doing what I want without focusing too much on other’s opinions. I’m driving this bus and it’s about to go to some places I’ve only ever dreamed of. Mostly my goal for 34 is just enjoy the journey and the ride. I’ve spend too long looking at the road behind me and worrying about what was too far ahead to see. Now is the time to focus on this stretch right in front of me and enjoy the scenery around me. I’m super duper excited.

~ J

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