I for Invisible, P for Processing

This week has been brought to you by the letter I for Invisible, which absolutely sums up how I have felt this week. So many things have happened. Lots that involve me, a few that directly concern me … and so many that happened without my input. A lot of things I found out after the fact, at a complete shock to me.

This week has not been brought to you by P for Processing, because I have done zero of that. Just when I think I have handle on the last thing that occurred, something new and equally as stressful pops up. I have barely had time to comprehend Thing A and we’re now onto Thing J. It’s the middle of the week. And I can’t tell if each new thing feels worse because it is or because I haven’t had the time to sit and work through my feelings before the new thing comes.

Usually I can take something and start writing and even if it reads like a jumbled mess I can gleam some semblance of understanding and calm and be able to move forward. I don’t feel like that can happen here. I feel like I could write a novel on my thoughts and feelings this week and still not cover it all and not know how to move forward. There are still two more days to go, plus weekend.

So I’m expecting some absolute disaster tomorrow. And it might zap what little of my cope-with-life is left. Sometimes blogs don’t have a point more than I am literally holding on by a thread and I just need to say it out loud to the void to be able to survive the rest of the day.

Thanks for listen Void.

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